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Uniform Security Guards


Bulls Security Inc. provides professionally dressed officers who are given either a professional dress uniform or a tactical uniform depending on the client's needs. This versatility enables the guard to best fit in with his/her environment, and have an inconspicuous presence when necessary. Our uniform is designed by professionals and its best among all other companies. Bulls Security Guards are some of the most tenured and experienced in the industry, providing clients with superior skills and service. Our commitment to promoting from within has established a culture of dedication and commitment at Bulls Security. 

Mobile Patrol & Alarm Response


Bulls Security launched our mobile patrol division (operating twenty-four hours per day) in 2010. Our mobile patrol and alarm response team performs routine daily patrols for our clients and responds to emergency alarms.

Our experienced mobile drivers operate reliable patrol vehicles that are all equipped with GPS tracking and supported by our 24-hour dispatch center – ensuring the delivery of comprehensive, quality service to all of our clients. Our bicycle patrol services allow clients a degree of responsiveness and flexibility that surpasses any combination of foot and mobile patrol.

Security Products


Bulls Security offer clients a full range of electronic security equipment including:

  • Alarm systems
  • Access control systems
  • Intercom systems
  • Key control systems

Regardless of the size of your property, Bulls Security has the equipment and technical support to meet your security needs. We have a proven track record installing security equipment projects of varied scope on time and on budget and providing a technical team that is available 24/7/365 to offer support.

V I P Protection


Bulls Security provides VIP Protection. Our Special Services Unit (SSU) provides high quality, customized security services for private and public clients with unique and demanding security needs. Headed by Certified Protection Professional (CPP), the SSU is a specially trained group of former highly-trained security professionals who provide close protection services for highly demanding clients with unusual risk profiles.

Since proper planning and team coordination are essential to our client’s safety, our Special Services Unit gets involved at an early stage to ensure that all security details are covered. If you are interested in learning more about how our SSU Team can help with your protection, please contact us for further details. 

Video Monitoring


Typical security systems are reactive. They’re designed for interior spaces. So they wait for a trigger to sound an alarm and alert the Security and police AFTER criminals have already been on your property and broken in. This often results in false calls, delayed Security and police response time, and a greater opportunity for criminals to get away. Bulls Security  Monitoring takes a proactive approach with live surveillance. Our highly trained staff monitors the outside of your property to help prevent crimes before they happen. We don’t wait for alarms. We watch for and evaluate suspicious activity. We activate speakers to run unwanted trespassers off your property. We call police with live reports on criminals often BEFORE they break in or do damage.

Valet Parking Service


Bulls Security provides variety of services including valet parking services to our valuable clients for all type of events. Our company has been providing its valet services throughout the Lower Mainland for over past years. Bulls Security Valets understands that parking is the first and last impression of one's evening, and we strive to provide an exceptional impression to every guest who attend your event. We pride ourselves on providing each client with personal and professional service at very competitive rates with no hidden charges.

Our Valet Service Includes.

  • Uniformed, trained and professional Valets
  • All valet parking signs.
  • All valet parking equipment including tickets and key boxes.
  • Complete insurance coverage

Get Security Check Points at all sites.

Guard Tour System

Our Clients receive instant patrol reports at the end of each shift. When tours are being patrolled our supervisors monitor all the tours from security operations. During installation of check points we assign specific post orders and reminders to checkpoints. The smart checkpoint tour system increases compliance with your protocols.

Shift Report

Our security guards provide a professionally written shift report at the end of each shift. This helps our clients to keep records of all incidents or incoming and outgoing traffic.

Incident Report

Our security guards provide professionally written incident reports. However guards only provide this report if there is any incident spotted at site while guard is on duty.

Quick Response

Bulls Security provide fast and quick services to get your site secure by our professionally trained Guard. Bulls Security can get your site covered within 90 minutes prior to your call.

Our Training

Bulls Security Guards are highly qualified our guards are best trained for Event Security, Site Security, Mobile Patrol and VIP Protection for more information click on Services.

Hire A Bulls Security Guard

Bulls Security is a full service security firm in the lower mainland area. We provide a range of specialized services to meet all of our client's unique safety and security needs. Bulls Security Provides 24 hours dispatch service with our fully trained and licensed guards. We ensure that we are providing our clients with the very highest quality of service.

Products & Services


Bulls Security is a full-service solution provider that is able to effectively meet our clients’ commercial, industrial and retail security needs.

Bulls Security offers a complete range of security services in most major centers across Lower Mainland, services include: Banquet Halls, Construction Sites, Private Events, Community Events, Wedding House, Mobile Patrol, ​Bike Patrol, Traffic Control, Fire Watch, Access Control, Emergency Response, Executive VIP Protection, Alarm/Video Monitoring.Bulls Security offers a complete range of security services in most major centers across Lower Mainland, services include: Banquet Halls, Construction Sites, Private Events, Community Events, Wedding House, Mobile Patrol, ​Bike Patrol, Traffic Control, Fire Watch, Access Control, Emergency Response, Executive VIP Protection, Alarm/Video Monitoring.